Day # 86 – Thank You Ernest Hemingway


Today I pay homage to Earnest Hemingway – His written quote – “Write Hard & Clear About What Hurts. Don’t Avoid It. It Has All The Energy. Don’t Worry, No One Ever Died Of It. You Might Cry Or Laugh, But Not Die.” – Earnest Hemingway gave me an inner strength and a self-disciplined writer that I am very proud of.

January 8th 2018 was the day that I started my journey of returning back to writing every day… I have put my commitment to my writing to the forefront of my daily to-do list. So on January 9th I did start my journey of getting back to my writing…& on January 11th was I told myself that writing every day would be the best therapy that I could offer myself… writing would help me in the long run to unburden my heart, mind & soul… I knew that my commitment to my writing was there but it was always the mind’s fear of offloading my thoughts, feelings and souls hidden words that held me back from revisiting and re-committing back to my love of writing.

The quote – “Write Hard & Clear About What Hurts. Don’t Avoid It. It Has All The Energy. Don’t Worry, No One Ever Died Of It. You Might Cry Or Laugh, But Not Die.” – By Ernest Hemingway’s” was a quote that I stumbled across early in the return to my writing…  I didn’t have the conviction in my writings to pay homage to Ernest Hemingway’s words. Starting to write was always going to be my biggest barrier  but I knew that I had to start somewhere and Ernest Hemingway gave me the platform to door that has opened my soul to the inner depths of the words that I have for the longest time longed to write. Ernest Hemingway has become a big part of my daily writings and the journey has certainly changed who it is that I am… not only as a person but also as a writer.

How I hear you ask..? I thanks to Mr. Hemingway and my leap of faith of picking up my ehemmingway2.jpgpen again have become a calmer and a happier person inside & outside of myself. I have also noticed that my frustration levels have been able to take on an attitude change … I can see how much the burdens of my thoughts and feelings have been redirected and changed … they have been given permission to have their say.. to say from the heart what I have always dared not to say & at some unknown point my deep thinking’s and my writings became the changed and an awakening to all I held in deep. I have worked hard & dug deep at writing exactly what my heart had yearned to say..  I worked hard in trying to write with transparency as well as authentically as I could.


At times my daily writings left me feeling empty, emotional and very heavy-hearted… the reasons behind me feeling this way I believe that I knew that my writing my thinking’s & thoughts down and owning the burdens  would and could hurt others… the moral person in me made me feel that I was doing the wrong thing because other were bound to get hurt if my thinking’s & thoughts once again had the wrong eyes gazing on what had spilled out and on to the page… showing others another side to my version of the truth that they had previously not seen… altering their opinions and their beliefs.

I had for the longest time shied away from the journey of trampling through the dense jungles of my heart, mind and soul… I never did think about how it would feel to unburden myself from the in-depth stories that I had never before told. It never occurred to me how I in the aftermath would feel… I did indeed carry my inner pain and burdens around in a tightly packed suitcase and have worn it like a suit of armour… and as a security blanket that served to protect my inner self and me.

Ernest Hemingway gave me the self-discipline to “Write Hard & Clear About What Hurts. Don’t Avoid It. It Has All The Energy. Don’t Worry, No One Ever Died Of It. You Might Cry Or Laugh, But Not Die.” at first I wrote within the safety of a password protected forum… & out of the blue I yearned to have my journal & my daily writings join me in my journey. I always knew that getting back to writing and trusting my every thought to the nib of my pen was always going to the struggle that had me questioning what it was that I was doing… 

As months past I became more and more at ease with every pen stroke that I made… my empty pages and cursor adorned computer screen soon started to fill up its white spaces with written and unscripted thoughts…

Just this month of January I have celebrated my year anniversary of returning back to my love of writing. I have grown as a writer, and so has what I write about, I have added to my daily writing ritual many other writing tasks… I spend many hours of the day even in thought with a roughly written drafted page… & I am openly sharing many of my unforetold stories of my past.

I may never truly write myself into a healing place… there may forever be a lingering something that lets the light shine through the cracks that are now scars of yesterday’s past… but what was yesterdays burdens are todays lessons of inner self-love… & my lord what a learning experience and a year-long journey to becoming openly and self-aware has  it been.

I pulled my inner lost thoughts and feelings from deep within my soul… giving them a voice and tone and when the days were long and tough & I had little left on my tank… worded and pictured quotes saw me to a guided thought.. one borrowed thought and one word at a time became many.


I made a promise to myself not to give up… each and every day I pulled on my big girl panties and allowed my tears to stream… I gave ownership to my inner burdens 1 single authentic word at a time… my beginning commitment to my daily writes began at a 750 word a day count… and soon enough I found that my words and thoughts had grown into a scripted personality of their very own.

Through Earnest Hemingway’s life altering words I did exactly what they said… I Tanya Kelly pulled myself together and gave my self the gift of an empty book of paper & told myself to write… & when I found myself in my darkest hours… when the tears fell & blotched my page.. Earnest Hemingway’s words “Write Hard & Clear About What Hurts. Don’t Avoid It. It Has All The Energy. Don’t Worry, No One Ever Died Of It. You Might Cry Or Laugh, But Not Die.” kept me on the path to what was slowly unveiling me to my greater inner, calmer & loving self.

I on occasion have based my writing journey on the teaching of another o Earnest Hemingway’s quotes …”I learned never to empty the well of my writing, but always to stop when there was still something there in the deep part of the well, and let it refill at night from the springs that fed it.” I have become more disciplined in my daily writings and I have learned to more thought-out and I have become more disciplined  & authentic in & throughout my daily writes, but I never leave myself without a list of un-thought-out thoughts… I write down my unworked thoughts and keep them unpublished for rainy days. I have vowed to read, write & think with my pen – ensuring that my learning & worded well never dries up.

Ernest Hemingway showed me that “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” from the reading of this above quote I looked deep within me for just a starting word, a sentence or a deeply hurting thought, he taught me that simply beginning was the hardest part of  my heart-felt and life altering journey.

Through the prolific worded lessons of Earnest Hemingway I have learned that the power of writing can help ones inner hurting self to get what is “life’s burden”… out in the open where one can learn simply breathe.

For me, one of the most important things that I have learned is this… “If I don’t give myself permission to write every day then I am denying myself the right to live in a world where I am capable of resurfacing my paved road and coming to the crossroads of my life where the decision of where to next is mine.”

I am indeed a work in progress and my deepest thoughts and feelings are being re-storied and given lessons that life has handed me a far greater view to look at. I am the young seedling that has been planted into the clearing of the me; of whom I once was.

Today’s daily blog post pays homage to Earnest Hemingway – a daily write titled
“Write Hard & Clear About What Hurts. Don’t Avoid It. It Has All The Energy. Don’t Worry, No One Ever Died Of It. You Might Cry Or Laugh, But Not Die.” – Earnest Hemingway gave me an inner strength and a self-disciplined writer that I am very proud of.

Thankyou Earnest Hemingway for your worded and scripted teachings… you are the shining light that steered me in the direction that has me uncovering me. Earnest Hemingway I am sitting down, writing daily and am learning the skills of sitting down and writing the bleeding words that live within me.

Author. Tanya Kelly 

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