About Me ~ Tanya Kelly ~

Hey there, I am owner & author of 365DaySomethings My name is Tanya Kelly ~also known as Ms. T~

I was born (September. 1976), breed & living in Sydney Australia. I am the very proud Mum of 4 (Katijana 2006, Nichaalus 2001 & Sean 1997 & my 4-legged “Mini Us Human Fur Baby”– puppy Lucas who was born in 2015).

My Hubby Steve and I have been together for 23 years & have been married for 18 (2000).

Our Children & our Human Fur Baby each have their own special quirks & talents that make them uniquely who they are, each of them as individuals in their own right – growing in gusto towards their own future life plans.

I was born into a family who may not have had everything that was wanted but certainly made up for what we didn’t have with family unity that we proudly displayed then & that we continue to display today. With immediate and extended family never too far away, we have always made all our get-togethers memorable continually building memories for everyone involved.

WHO AM I?img_2293

I am these things & more

● Wife ● Mother ● Daughter ● Sister ● Friend ● Aunt ● Poet ● RiteMinded.com Owner/Author ● Writer ● Web Designer ● Blogger ● Computer Technician ● Multiple Sclerosis Warrior.


In January 2018, I was struggling to maintain the study hours that I was keeping as my Multiple Sclerosis and it symptoms were giving me one hell of a time & the hours of studying was making my fatigue unlivable, so I decided to put a temporary hold on my study’s (having almost finished semester 1 in my Bachelors of Counselling)… so here I am turning my hand to blogging, bringing with me my web designer & computer technician skills of 20+ years.

I started my own home business in web design (20+ years) that has spilled over to me doing computer technician work (purchasing & installing computers for clients, installing client internet services, virus removal & even teaching the elderly community the ins and outs of internet & e-mailing), but back in march this year I felt the urge to get back to my love of web designing, but began to think of creating a blog instead.

My wants for my blog in its initial days were for me to chronicle my study journey but I decided that my study’s needed my attention; so my blogging journey went on hold, but it never stopped seeking my attention… & so here I am.


How hard could blogging be I thought, I did after all have web design skills & after using my web designs skills in developing websites for others; I became aware that my own website had become neglected & decided that blogging would just be another designing skill, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I was strictly a web designer; I found that my web design skills were very much the function of the website was very important and that the design element was even more so, clients wanted high-end designed layout that carried their name and their products to the eyes of their customers.

When I began looking at becoming a blogger a firm reality check slapped me in the face, keep the design simple and have the content well written and updated regularly. I found out quickly that blogging allows for a certain degree of recycling of information, followers and bloggers rely on each other to gain traffic and voice to their posts, often sharing and offering reposting to each other’s blogs in order to use the traffic on other people’s blogs to draw traffic and audience to an author’s/bloggers own site. In web designing for a client, a client strives for original design and original content that serves to give the owner of the website an identity of their own. web design is very personal to each individual website owner, identity & individuality is key to driving traffic to the site owners business.

I began struggling almost immediately, many struggle with the design/background elements of blogging .. but not me… others struggle with a name for their domain…nope not me… so what was I struggling with then you ask?

I was struggling with my internal self on two sides.

On side 1. – I was wondering if I should just stick with doing what I did best and build a website that incorporated a blog or journal of sorts, keep up to date with regular postings & On side 2. – I was very much torn on whether I should learn WordPress and become a blogger, letting go of my website all together.. I knew that I couldn’t keep a separate blog and a website as it would have been way to much work & way to many hours would have been taken up in getting my website back to being up-to-date.

img_1932My two-sided war was compounded when I couldn’t decide if I was going to design my blog or use a WordPress template… so I began to look at my options and began researching and looking for templates that I liked. Through the research phase of looking for a template I began designing a header for my blog, in my thinking I was sure that a header for my blog would be the very thing that I would need to kick myself into gear and push me to get my blog up and running.

Fast forward to June 2018 & I was not standing still, I was working on my blogs content and design elements, but still have no set direction on whether I will be using a WordPress theme or a self-made theme or even if I will be designing a new website with a blog/journal incorporated or if I will draw up a new website and a blog separate of each other but joined by linkages.


365 Day Something’s will showcase my very own personal collection of self-written poetry & blogging entries that will give you a glimpse into my world. I will be sharing with you my personal thoughts & feelings, as well you will get to know the relationships of the many people who touch me throughout my life’s journey & how I use my days journeys to help me build a more enriched & soulful me, striving to work towards a brighter outlook for my many tomorrows. My hope is to show you who I am & what makes me tick.

You will read about my Multiple Sclerosis diagnoses & how I strive each & every day to use its lessons it teaches as a tool for self-discovery. Rather than wallowing over what challenges PPMS has delivered to me I am hoping to convey to you my readers that I have no intention in allowing my Multiple Sclerosis to define my life… I have chosen to soar above the challenges that PPMS has laying in its wake. My goal is to pursue a fulfilling life; I will not be plagued by its many struggles & challenges.
I am hoping to use my 365 Day Something blog to bring awareness to Multiple Sclerosis and the challenges that it’s diagnosis can have instil for other MS warriors. Bringing forth the message that every MS diagnosis is different & each warrior has his/her own symptoms & complications, that no two people with Ms are the same.

Through my 365 Day Something’s blog I will take you on a journey through the many inspirational songs, people, places, quotes that help to enrich my life, I will share with you the reasons for why they resonate with me. I will take you on a literal and musical journey that will keep you coming back for more… visiting the many inspirational people, sites & links that I collected, researched and in many special instances have become lifelong friends with their authors.

There will be many other elements to the 365 Day Something’s blog.. these additions to me 365 Day Something’s  blog will be revealed in time.

Author. Tanya Kelly